Community Health Alliance is a regional leader providing the highest in industry standards for Health and Human Services. Through the collaboration of our agency’s Community Health Alliance is able to offer a complete continuum of services, providing a comprehensive network of care for our patients.  With more than 60 years of experience our organization provides the highest level of individualized care for each person that we serve. We equip our patients with the resources, services, and tools they need to achieve their goals and to reach their highest personal potential. Community Health Alliance is proud to play a key role in helping individuals achieve a brighter, healthier future.

Our Agencies

Our Mission: Through innovation, integration, and collaboration, the Community Health Alliance will provide comprehensive health and social services to strengthen and empower the individuals, families, and communities we serve.


Transitional Living, Inc. is licensed by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services and the Ohio Department of Mental Health. It is CARF accredited and funded by the Butler County Mental Health Board. Since its founding in 1978, Transitional Living, Inc. has been a strong force in the mental and behavioral health fields in the community for over 38 years. Transitional Living offers three core services to clients: Behavioral Health Counseling Therapy, Psychiatric Services, and Residential Care. Their PATH program connects with shelters, soup kitchens, and police to find individuals who are at risk for homelessness and connect them with the resources they need to stay off the streets. Their Community Psychiatric Support Treatment Program (CPST) collaborates with municipal mental health courts and the judicial system to help treat individuals with mental illness who have been labeled with misdemeanor crimes.Panel content

Sojourner Recovery Services is OMHAS certified and CARF accredited. It is funded by Butler County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Services Board, Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties, and United Way. Since its founding in 1984, Sojourner Recovery Services has been providing substance abuse and mental health services in the community for 32 years and counting. Addiction and mental illness thrive when an individual is isolated and unplugged from necessary resources and a supportive community. Sojourner’s goal is to plug clients into the resources and community that they need to break free from addiction and to live successful lives. Programs and services include: Residential, Intensive Outpatient, Non-Intensive Outpatient, Perinatal, MAT Services, Recovery Housing, and Ambulatory Detox.Panel content